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Photo Not Available

If you want a giggle today, let me tell you about my latest deliberate attempt to do something brave.

The something brave was cutting my hair.  Yes, I know this is not on par with running for public office or reporting the news in Syria.  Still, I’ve worn my hair the same way for roughly two decades, so deciding to change it up some made me uneasy.  I found a photo I liked in a style magazine—much shorter than my usual short cut and a bit edgier—and after a month of dithering summoned the courage to take it to my stylist and told him to go for it.

I left the salon an hour and a half later pleased with my new look.  The shortness exposed a lot more of my face and felt fresher to me.  The stylist had used a little wax or gel to make it a bit spiky (not punk-rocker spiky, just “middle aged woman trying something a little outside her comfort zone” spiky) and I sauntered through the mall feeling pretty edgy.

Well, brave or not, no one but me liked it.  My husband said, “You got your hair cut.”  A friend said, “You cut your hair.”  My mother didn’t comment.  All you women out there know that those observations, minus a phrase like “it looks great,” or “I like it” mean “Were you on drugs when you got that cut?”

So, in a very non-courageous way, I let them squelch my pleasure in the haircut and decided not to post a photo of me with my new ’do on this blog.  Can you hear the sound of chickens squawking?  I can.  The cut was three weeks ago, so it’s grown out enough that taking a photo now wouldn’t do any good.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll have it re-cut in the new style or go back to my old style (which I didn’t hate—I just wanted a change).

Regardless, I promise that next time I do something similarly brave, I won’t chicken out of posting a photo, whether or not everyone on the planet thinks I mainline illegal substances before visiting my stylist. 

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10 thoughts on “Photo Not Available”

  1. There comes a time (mine would be that I’m about to turn 60 in a few weeks) when we have to step out of our comfort zone and start pleasing ourselves instead of others. That chicken you hear may just be the sound of an eagle getting ready to take flight. I vote for keeping the new look. I bet you look great!

    1. Sara–I can’t seem to post to my own blog! I tried to respond to you a couple days ago. Thanks for commenting. have you done anything special to please yourself as you approach 60?

      1. Laura – my apologies for being so slow to respond.

        I think my attitude has been changing with each birthday as it rolls around. The fears I used to have that I might not meet other people’s expectations are fading fast. I try to please God first, and then myself. Everyone else has to get in line!

        My latest adventure is taking dancing lessons. When I turn 60 in a few weeks I’m going to have a party, eat a steak, and then go dancing with my sweet hubby.

        Hope you kept the new look. 🙂

  2. I’m with Sara as turning 50 was very liberating and I’ll bet 60 is even better. (I don’t know your age, Laura.) If you like the spiky hair do, wear, love it and post a pic! I’ll bet it’s very cute on you. :))

  3. The greatest values in life often come from doing what someone else might deem insane. Embrace those moments. 😉

  4. I bet you look great! And, as long as you like it,
    that’s all that matters. Let’s see a photo of the do.
    I love changing my hair style/color. if I don’t love it so much, it always grows back

    1. Thanks, Cathi. The new ‘do has grown out; in fact, I just got it cut on Friday. I’m considering doing something with color, though, so I’ll post that if/when it happens. You’re right about it growing back.

  5. Laura, I follwed a link from FB here, and I have to say that, apart from the people who matter most to you, the rest of us probably think your haircut is the best one you’ve ever had. Why? You decided to be courageous about it. You chose it, you stepped outside your comfort zone, and you didn’t cover it up, despite so-so reviews. It seems to me that it’s a metaphor for artistic expression, or for living life to its fullest–so I’m glad you got yoru hair cut, I think it’s perfect for you, without having seen before OR after photos, and I think you should post a photo WHEN you get the same cut next time.

    1. Thank you, Sean for your vote of confidence. What a beautiful and inspiring perspective you have. I will definitely post a photo next time. Thanks for the support.

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