Mystery 101


Titles Sometimes titles pop into an author’s head as a serendipitous gift, but more often they’re the product of trial and error, hard work, and conscious creativity.  Publishers occasionally tell an author what the title will be and then you’re stuck Read More →

Crime and PUNishment

A Salt and Battery Crime fiction comes in all sorts of flavors, and it can be harder to tell one sub-genre from another than a green apple Jelly Belly from a kiwi flavored one. Luckily, publishers are savvy enough to slap titles on the Read More →

My Favorite Mystery Series: Cherry Ames, Nurse and Detective

Cherry Ames Flight Nurse I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love mysteries. I suspect I was a mystery fan back when I was spitting up strained apricots and wearing onesies. Would the Cat in the Hat get punished for wrecking the house Read More →

Mysteries: Hard-Boiled or Soft-Boiled?

Egg Market from Southern Writers Magazine Since I’m a mystery writer, my friends frequently ask me to recommend “good” mysteries for them to read. When I respond with, “What kind of mysteries do you like?” I sometimes get a blank stare. I list some of the Read More →

Cozy Mysteries: Murder Most Fair

Cozy Mystery A mystery is a mystery is mystery, right? Not so fast. Cozy mysteries have their own special place. Recently, I overheard two women fall into a conversation about the book one of the women was reading at Panera. It was Read More →