Dead Man Waltzing

Published Date : June 5, 2012

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When Corinne Blakely, a grande dame of international ballroom dancing, is poisoned, the dance community — including champion dancer Stacy Graysin — is left in an uproar. Corinne was penning a tell-all memoir, but now her secrets might well remain hidden, perhaps just as the killer intended.

The victim’s dance card was full of people who might have wanted her silenced, if not dead. But when Maurice, a ballroom instructor at Stacy’s dance studio, Graysin Motion, becomes the prime suspect, Stacy has no choice but to waltz in and take the lead.

Clearing Maurice’s name is going to be harder than a running spin turn. But there’s one thing Stacy knows for sure — she’s not about to let the murderer dance away scot-free.

Second in the Ballroom Dance mystery series. The first is Quickstep to Murder.

Ella Barrick

Ella Barrick is me, especially when I’m watching Dancing with the Stars for costume and choreography ideas.