Quickstep to Murder

Published Date : September 6, 2011

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: 978-0451234544
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First in the Ballroom Dance mystery series.

What if your dance partner, business partner, and fiancé was stepping out with another woman? That’s exactly what happens to Stacy Graysin, who shares ownership of a ballroom dance studio with the man who broke her heart, Rafe Acosta.

But when Stacy discovers Rafe’s dead body in the studio one dark night, the police suspect her of killing him. To clear her name and save her studio, Stacey teams up with Rafe’s estranged cousin from Argentina, Tav, to find the real killer. And if Stacy doesn’t watch her step, the killer may make this dance her last.

First in the Ballroom Dance mystery series. The second is Dead Man Waltzing.


“Dance fans will love this new series.” — Lisa Allmendinger, Cozy Corner

“A Top 12 favorite mystery of 2011.” — AnnArbor.com

Ella Barrick

Ella Barrick is me, especially when I’m watching Dancing with the Stars for costume and choreography ideas.