Swift Justice

Published Date : October 12, 2010

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When Charlotte “Charlie” Swift, former Air Force investigator turned barely-solvent Colorado Springs PI, confronts an armed woman in her office Monday morning, she knows the week is going to suck. And when she finds out she must accept the intruder, Gigi Goldman, as her partner in Swift Investigations, she hatches a plan to get rid of the pampered, mid-fifties socialite who has none of the qualifications or abilities, Charlie’s sure, to succeed as a private investigator.

As if having to deal with Gigi weren’t enough, Charlie must also solve a missing person’s case involving an abandoned infant, a long-ago adoption, and a client who wants to offload her grand-child on the daughter she’s never met. Huh? And, of course, there’s a murder . . .


“Laura DiSilverio is a tremendous new talent, and her Charlie Swift is a feisty heroine you’ll root for from the very first page. A magnificent series debut.” — Cornelia Read, author of Invisible Boy

Book Club Questions

1. The book presents several different models of “mothering.” Discuss the differences between Gigi’s mothering of her teens, Mrs. Sprouse’s mothering of Elizabeth, Melissa’s reluctant mothering of Olivia and Charlie’s perspective on the mothering she did (or didn’t) receive.

2.Jacqueline Falstow is a study in obsession. In what ways is her determination to adopt a baby and be a mother positive? In what ways is it negative? Are there any other examples of obsessive characters?

3.What are the major differences between Charlie and Gigi, not only in outward appearance, but in world view? What are the chances that they will learn to work well together and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses?

4.The Boston Globe summed up Swift Justice as “Cagney and Lucy.” Do you agree that Charlie is a “tough cop” in the Cagney mold and Gigi a bumbling Lucy Ricardo? Why or why not?

5.The book ends before Baby Olivia’s fate is decided. Who would make the best parents for her? Who do you hope she ends up with?

6.Gigi Goldman is clearly a comic figure and the source of much of the book’s humor. Is she a caricature, or does she have a depth of character that may make her more central to the books as the series continues? What evidence can you offer from the book to support your view?

7.Charlie Swift thinks of herself as a loner, as someone who isn’t a team player. Is she right? Why or why not?

8.Elizabeth Sprouse sets out to get revenge on her birth mother, Melissa Lloyd, and, to that end, seduces Melissa’s husband. Is she evil? What factors pushed her toward revenge? Are there any hints of redemption in the book?