Swift Run

Published Date : November 27, 2012

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Finalist for 2013 Lefty award for best humorous mystery.

Finalist for Colorado Book Award for best Colorado mystery.

With Charlie Swift convalescing from a gunshot wound, Gigi Goldman is in charge of running Swift Investigations. Imagine her surprise when Heather-Anne, the personal trainer who ran off to Costa Rica with Gigi’s husband, shows up, wanting to hire them to find Les who has gone missing. Gigi’s first instinct is to say scram, but then she remembers that Les fathered her children and that Heather-Anne is a paying client. She takes the case and soon finds Les holed up in Aspen, hiding from his girlfriend. He begs Gigi to take him back. But then Heather-Anne’s dead body turns up, and Gigi is named the prime suspect. Les disappears again and Gigi and Charlie hunt for him, hoping he can clear Gigi’s name. Detective Connor Montgomery is at odds with Charlie and she must turn to Father Dan Allgood for help in solving their most difficult and personal case yet.

The third in the series, Swift Run is another thrilling and hilarious romp with this engaging crime-fighting duo.


“Zaniness runs amok–this is marshmallow fluff at its best. Definitely for Janet Evanovich readers, and also recommended for Elaine Viets fans.” —Library Journal

“The story starts twisty and fast…and doesn’t even think of slowing down until the last page.” — Jenny Maloney, CriminalElement.com

“A good good choice for reading in front of the fireplace after a day on the slopes.” — Kristin Dreyer Kramer, WCBE Radio

“DiSilverio’s light-hearted style makes this an entertaining read.” — Denis Berk