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A Year of Living Courageously in the Rearview Mirror

Life in the Rearview Mirror Well, friends, 2012 has assumed its place in history and with it, my Year of Living Courageously experiment.  As I embark on 2013, I want to reflect for a moment on what I learned from my efforts last year to Read More →

Living Courageously Essay Contest Winners

Adoption I cannot tell all you contributors how much it means to me that you have shared your amazing stories on this blog. All the essays touched me, and renewed my commitment to being more courageous morally, physically, ethically, emotionally … Read More →

Rewarding Your Courage (with New Apple Tech)

iPod Nanos For all of 2012, I’ve been writing a blog called The Year of Living Courageously.  It’s about me, and other people, pushing themselves to live with greater integrity and more courage, physically, emotionally, morally. Now It’s Your Turn In an Read More →

Fawzia Koofi: Not Taking Freedom for Granted

Fawzia Koofi shows courage as she fights for freedom Is Fawzia Koofi Afghanistan’s Next President? You may not be familiar with the name Fawzia Koofi, but I feel compelled to write about her as an exemplar of courage. She is an Afghani mother and politician willing to risk her Read More →

Is There Life After Olympic Gold?

Olympic Gold Medals In honor of the summer Olympics, I have to do a couple of posts about the events in London.  I find myself particularly interested in the U.S. athletes who are back for a second, third or fourth stab at the Read More →

Teen Bravery: Courage of the Heart

Sorry No Heart When we think of bravery, we key on firefighters streaming water onto the Waldo Canyon fire, or activists facing down troops in Syria, or reporters risking death in Egypt by reporting on elections. We cite acts by people we don’t Read More →