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Mid-year, I decided that my blogging topic was going to be “The Year of Letting Go.” Well, it looks like the only thing I actually let go of was blogging. It Wasn’t Intentional It just. . . happened. Which got Read More →

A Mania for Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking The Joys of Multi-tasking I have long prided myself on being a multi-tasker. The ability to multi-task, to take on two or five tasks at once, helped me sail through college and kick-started my Air Force career. Even as recently Read More →

Solo Feats: The Real Fear

For those of you who didn’t check in last week, we’re discussing Felicity Aston’s solo crossing of Antarctica. To me, the bravest thing about Aston’s journey was her willingness to be on her own for so long.  The lack of Read More →

Solo Feats: Pointless or Inspirational?

Solo Antarctic Trek As most of us crumpled used wrapping paper into the trash, found batteries for the gadgets Santa left under the tree, and swept up glitter and pine needles, Felicity Aston slogged her way across Antarctica, becoming the first woman to Read More →

Do Not Disturb!

Do Not Disturb I did something that took a little, teeny bit of courage this week. Or, at least, fortitude. Resolve, perhaps? I paid for and downloaded a program called “Freedom” that disables Internet access for those folks (me!) lacking the self-discipline to Read More →

The Year of Living Courageously

When I first conceived of this project, I intended it to be a book. I wanted to spend a year being deliberate about my life, instead of letting it rush past me like rapids over a spear of water grass. Read More →