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What If a Creature of Habit Turned Left?

Left Turn This morning, I turned left. That’s a literal statement, not a political declaration of any kind.  I turned left at the park while taking the dog for his six a.m. walk.  Normally, I turn right out of habit, but the Read More →

Living Courageously Essay Contest Winners

Adoption I cannot tell all you contributors how much it means to me that you have shared your amazing stories on this blog. All the essays touched me, and renewed my commitment to being more courageous morally, physically, ethically, emotionally … Read More →

Fawzia Koofi: Not Taking Freedom for Granted

Fawzia Koofi shows courage as she fights for freedom Is Fawzia Koofi Afghanistan’s Next President? You may not be familiar with the name Fawzia Koofi, but I feel compelled to write about her as an exemplar of courage. She is an Afghani mother and politician willing to risk her Read More →

Practice Random Acts of Courage: Read Books

Lolita I met Humbert Humbert this week. Those of you who know I have an Ivy league master’s in literature might be pardoned for wondering why I’d never met him before.  Who knows?  I’m sure it was my fault; I can’t Read More →

Poetic Gut-Punch

Mary Oliver is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet.  She captures nature’s small, intimate happenings and lets herself—and the reader—be astonished over and over again by the mundane but glorious moments.  I discovered her work several months ago and have been Read More →

Solo Feats: The Real Fear

For those of you who didn’t check in last week, we’re discussing Felicity Aston’s solo crossing of Antarctica. To me, the bravest thing about Aston’s journey was her willingness to be on her own for so long.  The lack of Read More →