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Solo Feats: Pointless or Inspirational?

Solo Antarctic Trek As most of us crumpled used wrapping paper into the trash, found batteries for the gadgets Santa left under the tree, and swept up glitter and pine needles, Felicity Aston slogged her way across Antarctica, becoming the first woman to Read More →

The Year of Living Courageously

When I first conceived of this project, I intended it to be a book. I wanted to spend a year being deliberate about my life, instead of letting it rush past me like rapids over a spear of water grass. Read More →

Writers Read: What I’m Reading Now

Marshal Zeringue, at Campaign for the American Reader, asked me what I was reading. Here was the answer I was happy to supply: I’m currently reading Mr. Ives’ Christmas by Oscar Hijuelos, which seems appropriate since Christmas is just around Read More →

The Author’s Desk: A House Full of Books

The Author’s Desk: A House Full of Books Writers are readers. That probably doesn’t come as a shock to most of you. What surprised me, however, when I first started doing writing-related events–talking to readers in bookstores and schools and at book clubs–is how interested readers are in Read More →

The Author’s Desk: Why I Write

I spent ten days vacationing on the Oregon coast earlier this month and figured out, after seven years of writing full-time, why I write. As you might imagine, writers write for different reasons.  Some write to put food on the Read More →

What’s Missing on a Vacation

I took ten days off from writing this month. Gasp!  Shudder.  The world did not come to an end.  I didn’t miss any writing deadlines (although I came darn close with this blog post), and Oprah didn’t call while I Read More →