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Crime and PUNishment

A Salt and Battery Crime fiction comes in all sorts of flavors, and it can be harder to tell one sub-genre from another than a green apple Jelly Belly from a kiwi flavored one. Luckily, publishers are savvy enough to slap titles on the Read More →

Courage in the Air

Since I decided to blog about courage in its myriad forms, it seems like people everywhere are talking about eschewing fear or having more courage. A friend of mine’s New Year’s resolution was “No fear!” and the columnist Maria Hinojosa Read More →

Life Has Make-Up Tests

The new year handed me a test of courage this week and I flunked it. Big time. But then I took a make-up and maybe redeemed myself a little. Here’s what happened: Best Mystery Novel Since … I received a Read More →

Shadowboxing with Irony

Talk About Ironic I’m a novelist, so I dabble with irony on a weekly, if not daily, basis.   I like the sting at the end of a short mystery, the reversal in the middle of a thriller.  Think serial killer Read More →