Swift Run

Swift Run

Book 3 of the Swift Investigations Mysteries

Finalist for the Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery.
Finalist for Colorado Book Award for best Colorado mystery.

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About the Book

With Charlie convalescing from a gunshot wound, Gigi is temporarily running Swift Investigations when Heather-Anne Pawlusik, the tramp who ran off with Gigi’s husband, Les, saunters into the office. Heather-Anne wants to hire the firm to find Les, missing from their love nest in Costa Rica. Gigi tells her to am-scray, but the lure of a paying client is too much, and Les is the father of her children, so she accepts the case, against Charlie’s advice.

Attuned to her embezzling ex’s habits, Gigi tracks down Les but he quickly loses her. When a body turns up, the cops start measuring Gigi for a prison jumpsuit, so she and Charlie frantically hunt for Les and dig into Heather-Anne’s mysterious past because orange isn’t Gigi’s color. What Gigi discovers, not only about Les, but about herself and her feelings for him, surprises her as much as the killer’s identity.

Swift Run, Laura DiSilverio’s third novel in this entertaining and original series, is a thrilling and hilarious romp. Readers will enjoy spending time with this engaging crime-fighting duo.

Series: Swift Investigations Mysteries, Book 3
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780312623814
Zaniness runs amok—this is marshmallow fluff at its best. Definitely for Janet Evanovich readers, and also recommended for Elaine Viets fans.
– Library Journal
A good choice for reading in front of the fireplace after a day on the slopes.
– Kristin Dreyer Kramer, WCBE Radio
Anything can happen when Gigi's at the helm.
– Kirkus Reviews
The tie-in with Gigi's personal life adds clever twists to this intrigue-filled adventure. Gigi's awkward but smart investigating is reminiscent of Stephanie Plum.
– Booklist
The story starts twisty and fast…and doesn’t even think of slowing down until the last page.
– Jenny Maloney, CriminalElement.com
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