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I dislike the term “book doctor.”

It implies that your book is sick, broken, terminal. That an outside expert must swoop in to cut out a cancer. Such intervention might help fix one manuscript, but what about the next project, and the one after that?

I prefer to think of myself as an “author coach” or “author mentor.” Because editing  your book is about more than one manuscript–it’s about helping you become a better writer.   I will team with you to help you put the book you want to write onto the page, and make it the book more readers want to read.


I offer two types of editorial services: developmental and line editing.

The former is big picture. I read your fiction manuscript and make suggestions about character development and arcs, plotting, pacing, setting, voice, theme–all the major elements of a novel. If your manuscript is nonfiction, I comment on organization, logic, narrative style, tone, and other elements. I help you (via a 2-10 page written critique and up to two hours of phone/Zoom conversation) identify solutions and stock your toolkit with writing tips and techniques that will improve your project and also help you write the next one.

Line editing is fine tuning. This is fixing grammar, varying sentence structure, eliminating dialog tags, perfecting word choice, and more. NOTE: Line editing is a waste of money if your manuscript isn’t already well structured. There’s no point in a figure skater working to perfect arm position if she hasn’t mastered the basics of jumping and spinning. If she has, then working on the finer points can be the difference between landing on the podium or not. It’s the same with your project–line editing can help take your book from adequate to publishable.

How We Get Together

Email me through the CONTACT link on this site if you think we might make good partners. I’ll want a 10-15 page sample of your book (no erotica or horror, please), total word count, a synopsis if you have one, and a paragraph about your goals for the book and/or your writing career. Once I’ve reviewed those,  I’ll provide you with preliminary comments and an estimate. I will work to a specific deadline and we’ll be in touch throughout the process. I’m also happy to work with you on perfecting synopses and query letters. 


If you think you don’t need an editor, you’re wrong. And after working with Laura you’ll understand why. 

My words are my livelihood and my identity. I don’t trust them with anyone but Laura.

She has a light touch when it comes to keeping my voice intact, but a heavy hand when it’s needed to make sure I don’t embarrass myself. 

She gives me more than clean text and ideas that flow. She gives me peace of mind. 

Glenn J. Miller


I write political nonfiction and satire, and sometimes the ideas flow faster than my fingers type.

That’s where Laura comes in.

After a brief conversation, she knows what I’m trying to accomplish in a manuscript. She makes sure that what ends up in the published book is cogent, well-argued, stylishly written, and error-free. And it still sounds like me—the sharpest, most articulate me. She’ll even dive in and research a piece of evidence or perhaps suggest an updated reference.

Bottom line: She makes my books better. She’ll make yours better, too.

Thomas L. Krannawitter, Ph.D.
Cofounder and Chief Content Officer at
The Vino & Veritas Society
Author, Educator, and Citizen.
Recovering Academic who has taught at Claremont McKenna College, Hillsdale College, and George Mason University.
Member of the Scholarly Advisory Board at The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.


Laura has a great eye for conceptual and grammatical editing. Her feedback helped shape my first novel and now I have a three-book contract!

Her diverse experience as a published author, writing teacher, and mentor gives her the ability to find a novel’s weak spots and work with the author to make the book so much better. She gets a five-star rating from me!

Paulla Hunter
Author of Rough Ride


Laura embodies all the traits I was looking for in an editor. She has a keen eye for structure, an innate sense of pacing, and the ability to brainstorm solutions while remaining true to the story I envisioned.

Her insight and guidance taught me to recognize my personal writing foibles and how to avoid them in the future. In today’s competitive publishing market, every author needs an editor. The lucky (smart?) ones choose Laura.

M.E. Browning
Colorado Book Award-winning and Agatha Award-nominated author

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