Image from Money MagazineThe Make-Over is Top to Bottom

In a serendipitous adjunct to my new resolve to live courageously, I was pleased to be profiled in Money magazine‘s January/February 2012 issue, on newstands just now. Their investment make-over and my attitude make-over both have me feeling a little exposed.

And I’m embracing it.

The article itself begins this way:

Laura DiSilverio knows how to get to the bottom of things. She spent 20 years as an Air Force intelligence officer before retiring in 2004 to write mystery novels. Today Laura is flummoxed by the job of managing 11 investment accounts. She and her husband, Tom, are unsure whether they’re on track for him to retire in 15 years and help pay for college for their daughters, Lily, 14, and Ellen, 12. As Laura puts it,

“Spying was easier.”

See the clips below for the remainder of the article.

Money Magazine, Page 1

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