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Swift Run by Laura DiSilverioMy latest release, SWIFT RUN, releases on November 27, and is now available for pre-order. The third in the Swift Investigations series may be the funniest yet, and conveniently arrives in time to count as the proper start on your early Christmas shopping. Click the book cover image or here to order — both the hardcover and kindle editions are eligible.
[Alert]As a special bonus for all who pre-order, I’ll be naming a character in an upcoming book after one of you.[/Alert]
To enter your name in the contest, just forward me an acknowledgement of your online purchase before November 24. Forward your online receipt to me at swiftrun@lauradisilverio.com, and I’ll randomly draw one entry, whom I’ll then contact to ask just how you’d like your name immortalized in an upcoming book!

Yes, this means that if you buy multiple copies, you are entered multiple times. Thanks for asking.

But you do need to hurry — the contest ends on Saturday!




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