Shelterpop: Where I Write

When I retired from the Air Force in 2004 determined to write and publish novels, my lovely husband surprised me with a desk and bookshelves to convert a small bedroom into my private office. He called it an investment in his future as “a man of leisure living...

The Author’s Desk: A House Full of Books

Writers are readers. That probably doesn’t come as a shock to most of you. What surprised me, however, when I first started doing writing-related events–talking to readers in bookstores and schools and at book clubs–is how interested readers are in what...
The Author’s Desk: Why I Write

The Author’s Desk: Why I Write

I spent ten days vacationing on the Oregon coast earlier this month and figured out, after seven years of writing full-time, why I write. As you might imagine, writers write for different reasons.  Some write to put food on the table.  (Trust me, my children would...

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