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Join me at the Fort Collins Marriott, April 22-23.
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I’ll be teaching two classes: Advanced Point-of-View (POV), and Writing the Cozy Mystery.

These sessions are practical and hands-on. See the description of Saturday’s Cozy session to show what I mean.

The appeal of cozy mysteries is based on creating a community, of characters and setting, that readers want to return to again and again. Writers must combine that community with a murder mystery that keeps readers guessing and feels real, yet doesn’t include much violence. A tricky balancing act. In this session, I’ll teach you ways to create core characters with story arcs that go beyond one book, and settings that feel intimate and familiar–cozy, if you will. We’ll also discuss how to come up with a “hook,” how to balance the seriousness of murder with a lighter tone, the role of violence and sex, do you/don’t you need a cat, and similar topics. I’m also happy to talk about the business side of being a cozy author (including money).

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