I cannot tell all you contributors how much it means to me that you have shared your amazing stories on this blog. All the essays touched me, and renewed my commitment to being more courageous morally, physically, ethically, emotionally … in every way. I could not have come up with a more diverse group of essays, on all facets of courage, if I had commissioned them specifically! From confronting burglars and bullies to giving a parent permission to pass on, from leaping off a cliff into the unknown (literally)to traveling into the unknown, from rescuing those in danger to bringing a stranger into one’s home and heart, and revealing one’s true self to others, these essays had it all. I also want to thank the commenters for their thoughtful reflections on the essays and for supporting the folks who wrote them.

AdoptionAnd, now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for–drum roll, please. The winner of the Living Courageously essay contest is Lea Wait for her story about sending five thousand dollars to an adoption facilitator, hoping against all odds to be rewarded with a child to adopt. Her tale was magnetic and reflected courage on several levels, her prose was captivating, and the comments reflected how much her story affected others. The winner of the commenter prize, drawn at random from all commenters, is Ruth Nixon. Please contact me off-line and give me your snail mail address so I can get your Nanos in the mail pronto!

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