For all of 2012, I’ve been writing a blog called The Year of Living Courageously.  It’s about me, and other people, pushing themselves to live with greater integrity and more courage, physically, emotionally, morally.

Now It’s Your Turn

In an effort to get a broader range of perspectives on courage, I’d like to invite all of you, and others, to submit a short essay (say, 300-700 words) on what you consider your most courageous moment.  Did you stand up to a bully?  Ask a boss for a raise?  Try bungee jumping or a new sport or something else that scared you?  Send it to me at lauradisilverio AT

I’ll be posting the essays on this blog from Oct 1 through Nov 7, and will choose a winner on Nov 14. The criteria:

  • Commenters’ reactions
  • Originality and honesty of the post
  • Literary merit (Hey, I’m a writer—I’ve got to consider the writing.  And, yes, spelling counts.)

How to Win a Shiny iPod nano

iPod NanosSo, spread the word and send in your essays on courage.  The winner will get an iPod nano (in plenty of time for Christmas) as will a commenter chosen at random from all the folks who comment during the six-week period?  I’m really looking forward to reading what you all have to say about courage.

As always, I invite your comments below, but please do use the email address (of course substitute “@” for “AT”) for submitting your essay.

Click here for essays posted so far.

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